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Add on a targeted LED pain relief therapy to any massage – $40

Swedish Based Signature Massage:

Relax, rejuvenate and heal your body and mind. This soothing treatment uses light to medium pressure and long, fluid massage strokes to increase circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and promote a peaceful alignment between mind and body. This treatment is ideal for those guests looking to feel relaxed, recharged and uplifted.
60 min – $85

90 min – $115

120 min – $140


Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage:

Using firm to deep pressure and slow intentional strokes, this session focuses on accessing lower layers of muscle, tendon and other tissue. Your therapist will provide a concentrated focus to stubborn “knots” or painful areas restricted by injury, repetitive actions or poor posture. In addition to providing relief from chronic pain patterns, this treatment may also aid muscle recovery in athletes, increase range of motion and reduce scar tissue from past injuries. Note, areas of concentrated work may experience soreness or inflammation for a period that is unique to each guest. Increased water intake and adequate rest following your session will reduce this period and allow you to feel the positive changes in your body more quickly.
30 min – $60 (For a single targeted area like the back, or 2-3 small regions such as neck and shoulders or hands and feet)
60 min – $90 (Targeted work to requested problem area, incorporated into a full body massage)
90 min – $125 (Targeted work to multiple problem spots, incorporated into a full body massage)

Hot Stone Massage:

A hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy in which a trained therapist uses heated stones to massage your body, including placing stones on key points of the spine and muscles for best results. Traditionally, the stones used in such a massage technique are black volcanic rocks (basalt) that range from small to large and tend to be naturally smoothed by the movements of the river or sea water. There are many incredible benefits of a hot stone massage including stress relief, increased circulation, improved sleep, immunity boosting effects, and relief from muscle tension to name a few.

**Hot Stone Massage cannot be performed on pregnant women, anyone with a history of blood clots, on blood thinners,  or having a heart condition.
60 min – $115
90 min – $190

Prenatal Massage:

Focuses on the unique needs of the expecting mother as her body goes through amazing, but stressful changes associated with pregnancy. Your therapist will use gentle, noninvasive techniques to soothe & relax the nervous system, improve lymphatic & blood circulation, alleviate stress associated with skeletal changes & reduce fatigue in muscles/joints. Performed during the 2nd & 3rd trimesters. All pregnant guests are strongly encouraged to consult their physician before scheduling a prenatal massage. While it is a gentle treatment, some pregnancies can be considered high risk. At Spa Elegance we hold the safety of both mother and child in the highest regard.
75 min – $100


Oncology Massage:

Beyond the obvious improvements to physical symptoms, some people with cancer say experiencing a massage goes beyond just physical treatments but makes then feel whole, improves positivity, rebuilds hope and increases relaxation while decreasing stress levels. Scientific studies have looked at the effects of various body massage practices on people having cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery. These studies have shown that massage may reduce pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression. Individuals who have had massage during cancer treatments have reported positive outcomes such as improvements in sleep, the health of scar tissue, mental clarity and alertness and range of movement.
75 min – $85 

Manual Lymph Drainage:

Manual Lymph Drainage is a very gentle, but extremely powerful hands-on treatment for cleansing the body, specifically the connective tissue. Manual lymph drainage uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow. These benefits have been researched and documented for over 60 different conditions for people suffering from acute or chronic illnesses as well as for anyone interested in health, wellness and beauty.
Benefits of MLD
• MLD removes metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules and foreign substances from the tissues.
• MLD through its gentle rhythmic precise hand movement, alleviates some pain by greatly reducing the pain signals sent to the brain.
• MLD relaxes the sympathetic nervous systems, thus helping to relieve stress.
• MLD supports and enhances the action of the immune system.
• MLD helps the body to heal more quickly from injuries surgical trauma, chronic conditions and edema.
• MLD helps to minimize scar formation.
Indications for MLD
• Pre and post surgery recovery
• Injury recovery from strains and sprains
• Wound healing
• Arthritis
• Sinus congestion
• Fibromyalgia
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Dermatological conditions
General MLD session(not related to surgery) 60 min – $85

Post Surgery MLD 70 min – $100

*Please Note-Some surgical indications for MLD have a waiting period after surgery & may need doctors approval. We also require that surgical drains have been removed & you have been cleared by your surgeon. 

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Massage Therapy Online Booking

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